Detail View: Massachusetts Historic Bottles Collection: Green wine bottle

Accession number: 
Collection Name: 
UMass Archaeological Services Bottle Collection
Site name: 
Greenbush Line Restoration Project
Complex title: 
Greenbush Line
Site date: 
19th and 20th century
Modern location: 
Cohasset, Massachusetts
UMAS identifier: 
UM470 - 1.729
Artifact name: 
Green wine bottle
Artifact function: 
Artifact form: 
wine bottle
Artifact material: 
Image view description: 
Bottle with Kodak Color Control Patch
Artifact condition: 
intact with chip on mouth
Seam locations: 
horizontal mold seams encircling the bottle where the shoulder and body meet; two other mold seams on opposite sides running vertically from the shoulder seam which ends right before the finish
Embossing description: 
two short paralell lines
Embossing location: 
Artifact color: 
Olive green
Bottle finish type: 
mineral oil
Bottle closure type: 
cork top
Pontil scar presence: 
Manufacturing techniques: 
mouth blown three-piece mold
Artifact date: 
19th century
Artifact terminus ante quem: 
Artifact repository: 
UMass Archaeology Services
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